The coolest child-friendly software for kids aged 4-14, can be downloaded for FREE.
When you like it, please give it to others! That way you help us reach as many kids as possible.
You can FTP parts of our software. host: login: pwd: none port: 2222.

Or you can directly download our (large) .iso files via this page. Here’s a HowTo Install or HowTo Run iso files.

WARNING: Our ISO files allow VERY old computers to be re-used, BUT it will REPLACE the (typically outdated/inefficient) Operating System of old computers!!! If you don’t want that / prefer to use your (own) machine / OS you can use a Virtual Machine. For example: VMWare Player, Oracle VirtualBox or QEMU.

Downloading large files can be a problem. Since young kids understand less than older kids, we left content out to┬ásave space. If downloading is not an issue: take the biggest iso file! To offload our servers, please use torrent-software. If you don’t know what that is, look here. We appreciate you seeding afterwards!

Package Size
For ages 2-6 9.5 GB
For ages 2-8 12 GB
For ages 2-10 18.5 GB
For ages 2-12+ 22.8 GB