The coolest child-friendly software for free, for kids aged 4-14, is ready to be downloaded. If you like it, give it also to others: we need your help to reach as many kids as possible.

Why different packages?

To reduce size. For many people downloading large files is a problem. And given young kids do not understand things for older kids, we left it out to save space. If downloading is not an issue: take the biggest package!

Please use so called torrent-software. If you do not know what that is, look here. We appreciate your support by seeding the download afterwards.

Package Size
For ages 2-6 9.5 GB
For ages 2-8 12 GB
For ages 2-10 18.5 GB
For ages 2-12+ 22.8 GB

WARNING: The ISO installation files are intended to allow very old computers to be re-used, but with only our software. If you want to use our software on more modern machines, on Windows or Mac you need to use it as a Virtual Machine. Use VMWare Player, Oracle VirtualBox or QEMU.

HowTo Install (including installation in VirtualBox).