Location: Concord, California

Role in Project: UX/Graphic Designer

Experience: Went to school in Saskatchewan, Canada for Graphic design but decided she needed to learn more. She moved to San Francisco, California to gain more knowledge and experience. She recently completed her studies in Visual Media Design and now has been running her own company for the last year, working with clients across North America.

Reason for joining PCs4KIDS:United Nations is known for giving back to the community, to the world. I wanted to be a part of something big. When I saw that there was a volunteer position that was helping children across the world with an education I knew this as something I must be a part of. There’s so much going on in the world now, with situations I can’t even begin to comprehend. Being a part of this organization gives me a feeling that I am doing something. Volunteering is a great opportunity to grow, both as a designer and as a person. It is a great way to make connections and learn from others. The best is being able to give something back and know that it is highly appreciated and not needing the recognition, but knowing deep down that you did something that made a difference