Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Role in Project: Chief Marketing Officer

Experience: Executive Education from Yale School of Management, Bachelors in Information Systems
Driving above, through, and below the line marketing campaigns and leading digital strategy and execution for leading corporates. Multiple business critical sales and marketing technology implementations.

Reason for joining PCs4KIDS: With a breadth of experience and intellectual curiosity about all things digital, I am acutely aware of the benefits that proficiency in, and understanding of digital technologies can have.
Living in both developed and developing nations has allowed me to see the growth in the digital and education divide and I believe that PCs4Kids has an honorable mission and great team to help tackle this problem. The platforms strength in providing education in and engaging, non-traditional format to those without traditional access to internet not only promotes key education outcomes that will have a lasting impact on their lives, but works to provide digital literacy, something increasingly key to their development and future education.
Beyond this, I am beyond proud of the work that goes in to ensuring anything that we receive goes straight through to the intended recipients, the children; and the complete transparency this brings.