GDPR Privacy statement

• What information is being collected?
When you visit our website we use cookies and JavaScript code for analytics tools such as google analytics.
When signing into certain games you will be asked to provide an e-mail and password to log-in.
• Who is collecting it?
Our development teams collect the user log-on data to ensure access is allowed for the game environment for recipients.
Our marketing team will use the data collected in Google Analytics to help understand who uses our services and downloads our software packages.
• How is it collected?
User data is collected via a log-on screen when entering the game environment.
User data is collected for marketing purposes by cookies and JavaScript code that is inserted into our pages. This will track your usage of our website to help inform us how to make the site easier to navigate.
• Why is it being collected?
Data regarding the usage of our website is being collected so that we may continually improve the ease of use and functionality of our website to delight potential donors.
In addition, this data will allow us to track the pages, articles, and areas of most interest so we may provide content that aligns with the interests of our potential donors.
Ultimately we collect this information to inform us as an organization how to get more people to either share the word or download our educational software packages, to help a greater number of disadvantaged children, without access to this type of learning.
• How will it be used?
The marketing data we collect from you will be used to improve the navigation around our website, advise our content strategy and where we can most effectively market to increase the number of downloads of our software. Especially as a non-profit, for us to follow through on our mission, we must be as efficient with our outreach to potential donors as possible

• Who will it be shared with?

• What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?
The impact on the individuals whom consent to allow us to collect personal data will be minimal. The collection of any personal data will allow us to improve your experience with our organization and the content you receive as well as make it easier to download, install and interact with our game content as well as website. The transparency in our data collection we hope with help progress the conversation with our community, donors and software recipients and help us provide a more widely available and better product

• Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?
In our analysis we have concluded that none of the intended uses of any personal data collected by us should cause any objection or complaint.